Come, step into the enchanting world of our little angels, the promise of wonders galore!

Crafted to forever capture the minds of young and old alike, Calisson Little Royals will take you on a journey of discovery into the realm of elegance and refinement for newborn babies – for the delight of the most sophisticated parents!
Welcome to the charming Kingdom of materials, shapes and colors. A Kingdom where, step-by-step, your little King or Queen will be clothed and, regaled in refined materials and pure, soft fibers.

Welcome to the Kingdom of our “Little Royals”!  

Made in France, Made with Amour!

Handmade with the greatest of care by the last of few remaining Master Craftsmen, our collections are graced with a century of savoir-faire and a timeless style, typical of Parisian haute couture. Our dedication and attention to detail ensures that our products for your newborn are of exceptional quality.
Our core values include cultivating lasting relationships built on trust through products that are made to last. Our gift to you is the gift of time: a keepsake from your childhood.
Calisson Little Royals collection: the result of passionate, meticulous work “Made in France, made with Amour*” 

Collection of exception 

Discover the wonders of our Calisson Little Royals exceptional collections made in the French tradition. Classic and simple yet elegant, each piece is crafted with couture like savoir-faire, impeccably cut, using high quality materials such as Liberty of London prints, pure wool, high quality cotton and fine leather.
Calisson Little Royals is the seal of unrivaled quality and comfort: high end manufacturing with exquisite materials, natural and soft fibers, pure wool certified complete innocuousness for the environnement and our health, unique patterns and enchanting details.

We hope that the fondness for these unique pieces will grow up with each child, and that they will rediscover the emotions they felt from the soft touches, array of colors and scents of childhood.
We believe that long lasting beautiful pieces become beautiful stories to be told and to be passed on from generation to generation.